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However, sometimes it would be much easier to communicate with karel if we could teach karel more commands. The principle of programming of the robot is simple. You manipulate with the robot karel using simple programing language. If, for example, the robot in world 6 5 would have a starting position at intersection 4, 3 while facing north 1, and there would be 0 beepers at that. For example, in order to have karel turn right, you first must create a new method to teach karel how to turn right. To install karel, simply copy and paste either of the commands in to your terminal. A gentle introduction to the art of programming, which became a bestselling introductory text. Karel is equipped with sensors, much like a real robot. The robot knows the elementary commands, and some control commands conditions, cycles. The robot which moves around in karel s world is defined with the robot command, and it can face north, east, south, or west, as indicated by the commands 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Loaded karel images are now prerotated by the program, so only 3 images need be provided, instead of 12 3 states times 4 directions added a block wall type to serve as a wall on all sides of a cell. It is possible to create another commands using a procedure.

Computer programming for beginners with karel the robot nclab. To alleviate this problem, karel leaves a trail of beepers. Learn how to code with karel the doga fun, accessible, and visual introduction to text or blockbased programming that teaches fundamental concepts like commands and functions to beginners. What it does have are very simple commands to move karel around his environment. Improving a robots ability to navigate the plane with. Kershner karel the robot extending the primitive commands we used 9 move instructions, followed by 7 move instructions, followed by 9 more and then 7 more. This environment consists of pathways and wall sections with karel. In the northeast corner, gpsx is 14 and gpsy is 11. Karel can turn around using two left or two right commands 180 degrees.

Or to really do nothing, as we will show in the next section. Used to run robot programs flexibly from the command line. Karel can check the predicates above using what is called an if construct. Its a writeonly variable, and is therefore useless. This method commands a robot to pick up a line of beepers. Karel werke builds each robot with a dictionary of useful method names and their definitions, but each definition must be built from simpler instructions that robots already understand. Robot defines the sensing capabilities of robot objects. As karel starts you off on a simple introduction, it allows you to learn how to extend the capabilities of the robot and make it do more advanced things. Karel understands five more different functions, which we will see soon. The zip now contains the simulator users guide and a set of world files keyed to the figures in the book. Computer programming for beginners with karel the robot. A karelinspired language and environment called robot emil uses a 3d view of the robots world. By giving karel a set of commands, you can direct it to perform certain tasks within its world.

Karel the robot was developed by rich pattis in the 1970s when he was a graduate student at stanford. Another command which is the same in karel and in python is the command pass. In addition to these commands directly addressed to karel, we can also use all the commands of the python programming language, which we will learn during the course. Better names would be enhancedrobot or gridawarerobot or cartesianrobot what is the point of the currentdirection member variable. Thus, all you have to do is write the sequence of commands necessary to have karel.

By initially limiting the students language repertoire to easily grasped imperative commands whose actions are visually displayed, the karel approach quickly introduces students to such concepts as procedures and the major control structures. For the same reason, this course uses an educational programming language called karel the robot. Karel does everything only using these four commands. For robot examples, see the robot files under srctest. This legendary programming language is simplified python. Each grid cell can be either a wall or a free field. Write code to solve a problem, then run karel through the maze to test. You can ask by email or see frequently asked questions. Karel robot likes to take long meandering walks in the woods in the world. Even though the program requires just a few lines, it is still worth getting at least a little. If we created a move4 instruction, our code would be little different for karel, but much simpler for us. By providing robots with a dictionary of instructions that perform complex actions, we can build a robot vocabulary that corresponds more closely to our own.

A karel simulator is a program that ties the karel execution engine to a user interface. Both gps coordinates can be used together with variables see section 11. The process of specifying those commands is called programming. It was designed for tutorial of programming skills and as a toy. If you like mazes and puzzle games, you will enjoy programming karel the robot. The world file is a simple text file containing commands that define the size of the world, the. Karel can hear beepers provided the beeper is on the same corner as karel. When you program karel to perform a task, you must write out the necessary commands in a very precise way so that the robot can correctly interpret what you. This command is often used as a placeholder for a future code. Karel is a very simple robot living in a very simple world. The definitive reference is richard pattis karel the robot. Cs 106a september 28, 2007 example karel problems portions of this handout by eric roberts running a steeple chase in class on wednesday, we examined a steeplechase program that allows karel to run a steeple chase like a hurdles race, but with arbitrarily large hurdles where. Robot emil offers a large palette of objects that can be placed to depict walls, windows transparency, water and grass.

Initially, karel understands only a very small number of predefined commands. Wouldnt it be nice if karel already knew some of these commands. The whole language used to command karel is basic enough to learn within a couple of lectures but it has been created in a way to make you easily move on to java. The world file is a simple text file containing commands that define the size of the world, the position of walls and beepers, and karels starting position. The new version scales the robot images as you change the size of the window. In other words, the then clause gets executed whereas the else clause is not and then the instruction following the if statement is executed. Lets look at the examples of how the abovementioned commands can be used to guide karel through his world. For example, if karel encounters a pile of beepers, he needs to repeatedly execute the pickbeeper command, but since he does not know the number of beepers in the pile he does also not know how often to execute that command. Contribute to thisdotrobkarel the robot development by creating an account on github. The current version of the karel j robot simulator click at left to go to download page is available. Karel learn programming with a robot that understands. This document will not describe how to program in the karel j robot.

The robot finishes executing this method after moving one block beyond the final corner that has a beeper. Karel starts its task on the same corner as the first beeper. Imagine that karel is facing a random direction he does not know whether he faces north, south, east or west. Karel cant turn right introduction to computer science. The cameras can detect walls exactly a half a block away. There are many situation where karel needs to repeat an instruction but it is not yet know how often. Just like a real robot, karel moves, turns, picks up objects, places them in containers and avoids obstacles. The user interface is responsible for displaying the state of the world and the robot to the user. Lets simulate this new method in detail for a line of two beepers. This chapter explains how to make programs easier to read by creating new commands, such as movemile 8x move. Giving commands to a computer, which is what programming is all about, is just like giving commands to a dog. Reusing code via inheritance is always tricky business, especially here, where the robot class that you are extending is a bit of a poorly. In all of our programs so far, karel has only been able to understand four commands. An excellent method for introducing students to computer programming is described by richard e.

Karel can retrieve his gps coordinates using the commands gpsx and gpsy. Now run your program with any of the following commands. Karel language reference manual august 23, 20161 contents 1 about this document 2 2 language variants 2 3 karel module in nclab 2 4 basic commands 2 5 conditions 3 6 loops 3 7 custom commands 4 8 logical expressions 5 9 gps coordinates 5 10 randomness 5 11 variables 6 12 lists 7 functions 8 14 recursion 8 15 the statement pass 9. You should create a new directoryfolder using system commands. Basic karel j robot commands new paltz middle school. You can define new commands and karel will execute them. In this section, we are going to learn how to teach karel some new tricks. Build and maintain the world in which robots work and play. Every karel program specifies what a simple robot, called karel named after karel capek, a czech writer, who has invented the word robot should do in a city, consisting of regular square grid. Now that youve had some practice writing methods like turnright. The karel the robot activity consists of 15 minigames.

The while loop commands a robot to repeat instructions an. The execution engine is responsible for running the karel program and moving karel around his world. Even though he has a builtin compass, the robot sometimes cannot find its way back home. Karel has 3 television cameras that point straight ahead, to the left, and to the right. Karel will execute the instructions in the then clause instruction block and then the instruction immediately following the else clause. Karel the led cant turn right, but he can make some great led art the goal of this activity is to download the javascript code given below onto a micro. We call such requests that are either true or false predicates. In the southwest corner of the maze, both gpsx and gpsy are 0.

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