In the book reached who does cassia end up with

In the end, i liked the differences crossed had when compared to matchedit just made it so much better. After moving to new salem with her mother, cassie is initiated into the circle and discovers that she is descended from a long line. The threepart series starts with matched, followed by crossed and finally ends with the finale, reached. So many others i have read lately have rushed the end, but not this book, you know the end of every story line within this story and it all feels just right. The best selling book reached is the third book in the. Reached begins with cassia in central, ky flying airships in the outer provinces, and xander working to become a licensed medic in the same city as cassia. Indie and cassia along with another boy run to the carving from the aberration camp. Although this is the middle book in a trilogy, normally presenting problems to be resolved in the final book, cassias reaction to the final circumstance is completely counterintuitive.

I didnt like how ky was deceitful with cassia in book two and in book two readers also find out that ky was responsible for setting up cassias confusing double match and he never tells cassia this in book two or three. The narrative is filled with twists, and has a gripping plot that puts a truly modern spin to traditional romance. Overall, reached is an enjoyable read, and the last quarter of the book held me to the end with continual suspense and whirlwind reveals. This dystopian romance is the second book in the matched trilogy written by ally condie and is published by dutton books, a division of penguin group. The books that earn a place on a special shelf in my bookcase. Matched is a comingofage story geared toward those who are about to come of age themselves. Ally condies interesting and vivid matched trilogy immerses readers completely on every page.

Cassia faces the ultimate choices in the longanticipated conclusion to the new york times bestselling matched trilogy. After leaving society to desperately seek the rising, and each other, cassia and ky have found. One of things i enjoyed most was the timing of this book and its ending. Reached is original and layered and the threads, symbols, and plot is unique and amazing. Crossed and reached by ally condie massive spoiler. The books that come at just the right time to inspire. Reached is the final installment in the matched trilogy by ally condie. According to the poll from a previous post, fans think that ky will be the one who will end up with cassia. Cassia in the holy anointing oil cassia is the fourth ingredient in the holy anointing oil exodus 30. Matched, by ally condie, is the first novel in the matched trilogy. The first book was seen entirely through the eyes of cassia, our main protagonist. Reached by ally condie, the last book of the trilogy, is close to 150 pages longer than the other two, and it does not have to be that long. While reached was definitely better than its predecessor, it wasnt as good as i was hoping it would be.

Perfect for fans of 1984, brave new world, black mirror, and the handmaids tale. Cassia, xander and ky all play a large role in that, and while they are a part for most of the book, at the risk of giving too much away, they end up being the heroes they were probably always going to be. Cassie blake novel series the secret circle wiki fandom. The final novel of the matched trilogy, reached offers just as many twists, turns, and surprises as its predecessors, as well as a satisfying payoff. Cassia, xander and ky are all in different provinces doing different things. In reached, the main idea is the rebellion and the revolution. Ally condie is a former high school english teacher who lives with her husband and three sons outside of salt lake city, utah. What was, up until now, one of my favourite book series, was ruined by this, boring and disappointing finale. He printed out copies of the hundred paintings and strung them above her head for her to look at as she laid there then indie came to retrieve him. Indie ends up tricking cassia, as indie didnt have an item she wanted to keep hidden instead she took cassias microcard which show xander carrows profile. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She is one of the few people to be matched with someone in the same town.

This book is red and will therefore focus on the red pill. Ally condie talks to ew about her dream cast for the matched movie books ally condie recently released reached, the third and final book in the matched trilogy. The first book is appropriate for a younger audience but the whole series would only be for the most mature younger readers. It doesnt have any sexual content beyond a few quick kisses, the main character is not even thinking about it. The age range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness.

Chasing down an uncertain future, cassia makes her way to the outer provinces in pursuit of kytaken by society to his certain deathonly to find that he has escaped into the majestic, but treacherous, canyons. I loved the emphasis on choice and the places our choices lead. Reached has very little story line with next to no action, making it a very slow read. Most often these books are the ones that fill me with courage. I also think xander was a better match for cassia too. Cassie is the only child of black john and alexandra blake. If you havent read the books, make sure to read all three. Okay before you say something like dont spoil it heres the thing im not going to read it and this question is biting at me i have read over half the book and i absolutely hate cassia more than i have ever hated any character in all my years of literature, whether the character be pro or antagonist. Ally condie talks to ew about her dream cast for matched. Cassia in the holy anointing oil never ending word. I just wish that better meant that it was really good or great.

On the air ship ride to the village, indie and cassia trade items to keep hidden. Matched was told from cassias perspective, and the second book, crossed, shifted between cassia and ky. The rising sends cassia back to the society, but they give her a cover to get back in. When an individual has front loaded his contributions to the 401k and has reached the maximum limits prior to the end of the.

All in all, sorry i wasted my time reading the series to start with. Cassia is coming of age in matched, though, and just like it does for the rest of us, this inevitably means deciding between family and forging her own path at a point. Near the end i found myself broken open with emotion, because i saw the beauty of creation as cassia saw it. Who does cassia end up with in matched by ally condie. The ending brought the entire trilogy to an abrupt and unsatisfactory end. Cassandra cassie blake is the main protagonist of the series, as well as the soulmate of adam conant.

Cassia is called up for her match banquet the day of her seventeenth birthday. However, i still held some hope for the final book in this trilogy, and i dislike leaving things unfinished especially series so i picked up the last book. Reached is the third and final book in the matched trilogy. In matched by ally condie, who does cassia end up with. I think xander was a better, more likable person than ky was. It deals with common themes of growing up like first love, friendship, family, and the struggle between being the person your family wants you to be and figuring out who you are on your own.

In the society, everyone who wishes to be married is matched with their future spouse sometime between their seventeenth and eighteenth birthday. She loves reading, running, eating, and listening to her husband play guitar. This third and final novel gives us yet another perspective from xander. They administer to him a tricolor tablet of green, blue, and red, designed to immunize him to diseases and infections throughout his life. They are separated at the end of matched because cassia has to sort the workers at the nutrition disposal center, and thinks if ky is in the higher group he might get a better vocation. Cassia is happy to be matched with xander at the beginning of the book. It may be the rising, but only the final book, reached, will tell. Cassia is an aromatic bark, similar to cinnamon, but differing in strength and quality. Cassia has a younger brother named bram, and when they arrive home, he. Of course, cassias decision is a little trickier since shes risking the lives of those around her. I can only hope that the end to the series, reached, makes up.

To be honest, crossed and reached inspire much the same sentiment as matched which i wrote about here this is so close so so close to being brilliant, it is infuriating. Thats the main gist of this final book anyway, and while there is a lot more, the main goal is to find the cure. Reached by ally condie book trailer in the gripping conclusion to the bestselling matched trilogy cassia, ky, and xander return to the society to save the one thing they have been denied for so long. The hotly awaited second book in the dystopian matched trilogy in search of a future that may not exist and faced with the decision of who to share it with, cassia journeys to the outer provinces in pursuit of ky taken by the society to his certain death only to find that he. Matched was told from cassia s perspective, and the second book, crossed, shifted between cassia and ky. Cassia meets indie there and together they fly to camas, where they meet up with xander, ky and the pilot. The highly anticipated second book in the new york times bestselling matched trilogy. The novel is a dystopian young adult novel about a tightlycontrolled society in which young people are matched with their life partners at the age of 17. As the book was nearing the end and more things were revealed and tied up i found myself gasping at the genius of it and ridiculously happy that i could not have predicted in any way the ending to this series. Well, in reached, we see the risings plot finally play out. Much the same as matched, both books are supposed to inspire angry, teenage, somewhat revolutionary sentiment weve got love. How well do you think you know the matched trilogy by allie condie. Reached picks up at the end of the events of crossed where cassia finds ky once more and the two reach a.

Okay, so you know how crossed was the book where we found out about the rising, the rebellion group that wants to overthrow the society and their mysterious leader, the pilot. Cassia and xander are given standard microcards, which contain extensive information on each of them so that they can learn about their life partner. Ultimately though, cassia has to follow her own heartand her heart leads. However, in the later books, cassia does end up progressing to thinking about doing more. On the ride home, they hold hands for the first time.

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