Interactive floor plan html5 download

I have to develop interactive floor plan navigator and viewer for apartment buildings, which will succeed its flashbased predecessor. Floor plans are essential for real estate business as it shows how each floor of the building is configured, how rooms are placed and the. Interactive floorplan and route planner my world of expo. Interactive floor plan maps in html5 image map creator. Click here to learn how to create interactive image step by step. Mapsalive is a webbased application so theres no software to download or install.

Our floor plan tool will enable you to combine floor plans, map schemas and pictures taken on site and turn them into an attractive and interactive. Import your floor plans to create plan templates for interactivity. This concept can be applied to any kind of floor map actually. Responsive design fits to any width height from tablets to phones with touch friendly menus. Native android version and html5 version available that runs. Interactive maps, floor plans, and diagrams create. I will have to support all common browsers ie starting with 7. Interactive floor plan interactive map software phpjabbers. Floorplanner is the easiest way to create floor plans. Convert your static images to interactive images by adding hotspots, text links, tooltips, text popups, image popups, custom html popups, video popups. On mobile devices your maps automatically use html5 and on desktop browsers. I need to replace the flash viewer ive built years ago to show interactive 2d floorplans coming from autocad currently, the autocad files are read and converted to xml files containing the x and y coordinates of the polygons representing the objects of the floorplan.

With the interactive floor plan software you can create an impressive visual presentation of your properties for sale andor rent, exhibitions, fairs, events, parks or playgrounds. Download the free trial iicreator, interactive image creator in html5. We can also create tailored floor plan systems in flash or html5 with the following features. Using our free online editor you can make 2d blueprints and 3d interior images within minutes. The objects in the drawing are clickable and can be set as visible or not depending on thematic views. In order to keep the interactive floorplan uptodate all we require is the latest floor plan in any format with the list of exhibitors. The interactive floor plan tool can also be used to create interactive maps of fairs, events, zoos, parks and playgrounds. Create an interactive exhibition floor plan in html5 duration. Lanstack by bastli is an interactive seat map and floor plan web application for lan parties. Interactive floor plans can be created by using your own plan images, by importing into imapbuilder online flash or iicreator html5.

Create an interactive exhibition floor plan in html5 youtube. Easyifp interactive floorplans and furniture planner. Interactive seat map and floor plan web application for lan parties. Once we receive this we will update the interactive floorplan for you within hours. Create interactive maps, floor plans, and diagrams for your web site. Learn how to create an interactive exhibition floor plan in html5. Furniture planner over 60 different furniture pieces. Easily create an interactive floor plan imapbuilder mapping software. Physical objects can also be drawn on floor plans to represent their layout on each level of buildings. Have your floor plan with you while shopping to check if there is enough room for a new furniture. Create a clickable, interactive floor plan map from a. Learn how to create an interactive exhibition floor plan in. Thus, you can navigate your visitors through your place in an amusing way. Interactive floor plans can be created by using your own plan.

An interactive 3d mall map concept with a sidebar search and pin indicators for every level. Single and all floors views view each floor or all floors at once. Interactive floor plan maps in flash html5 showcase flash html5 mapping solution floor plans give you view of rooms and spaces to show how they are arranged. Touch interface with pinchtozoom and touch dragging.

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