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The tuscanstyle villa boasts 9 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a whopping 10,324 square feet of living space. She spends a lot of timeeven after breaking up with her boyfriendtrying to cry. They meet online at a home exchange website and impulsively switch homes for the holiday. The holiday is a romantic comedy written, produced and directed by nancy. I am a total sucker for romantic comedies but it was the cottage in the movie that completely stole my heart. Finally, i can snag the exact estate used in the movie. The interiors for this house in the holiday were built on a separate soundstage. The cottage that inspired christmas movie the holiday. Cameron diaz played amanda, a woman who lived in this fabulous mediterranean mansion in l. The adorable little house was described by cameron diaz. The house that served as the exterior of cameron diaz s california mansion in the popular film can be yours. The holiday is a great romantic comedy set in two locations. Cameron diaz stars as amanda in the holiday, a film by nancy meyers photo. Nancy meyers romantic comedy holiday stars cameron diaz and kate winslet as two women who exchange houses in order to get a new lease on life.

In the movie s opening scenes, the camera catches a glimpse of graham as iris narrates to us that love can be foundeven for just a night. When cameron diaz arrived at a tiny cottage in england in the holiday, we all gushed. Two women troubled with guyproblems swap homes in each others. The production designer was jon hutman, who also gave us the beautiful interiors in movies like what. The residence pops up quite a few times in the holiday, especially the front entrance and second story balcony areas and while, for the most part, the mansion looks much the same as it did in the movie. All hail nancy meyers, the queen of romantic comedies like the holiday that never fail to deliver memorable sets. The film locations of nancy meyers romantic comedy. The twostory mansion belonged to cameron diaz s character, amanda, in the film, which follows two women who swap houses for the holiday season. Inside wallace neff mansion in movie the holiday with. The holiday by nancy meyers cameron diaz, kate winslet.

Surrey cottage that inspired cameron diazs bolthole in. At least, that would seem to be her intention, since shes building a standard romantic comedy using nonstandard parts. Cameron diaz s character, amanda, has not cried since she was 15. The house from the 2006 movie the holiday where cameron diazs character amanda lived is for sale in san marino, california. Iris and miles friendship is not at fault here, as it remains refreshingly innocent throughout. In person, the holiday mansion is absolutely beautiful and absolutely humongous. When amanda cameron diaz breaks up with her cheating boyfriend, she decides she needs to get away from it all so she searches online for vaction hotspots. Amanda is the owner of a successful business that produces movie trailers.

And like all the best romantic comedies, it is loaded with extremely preposterous. The house exchange site from the holiday is actually real. Across the globe, amanda diaz, realizes the man she lives with has been unfaithful. Our favorite white outfits from nancy meyers movies vogue. Is it not officially christmas in your house until youve watched the holiday. The house, built in 1928 by architect wallace neff and located at 1883 orlando road, is a stunning, distinctive mediterraneaninfluenced california mansion, filled with all the luxurious, modern conveniences. The home in home alone will always be my first movie house love. She had silence, a gourmet food shop filled to the brim with red wine and cheese, and the cutest puppy that has ever graced the earth. In the movie, the interiors were actually a set, and featured sleeker, more contemporary design than the actual house, but we think this one, with.

Nancy meyers romantic comedy holiday stars cameron diaz and kate winslet as two women who exchange houses in. The holiday is a movie starring kate winslet, cameron diaz, and jude law. The movie she selects is punchdrunk love, a film about an american man who dates a british woman. Two women, one cameron diaz from america and one kate winslet from britain, swap homes at christmastime after bad breakups with their boyfriends. In the movie, diaz and winslet arrange to swap homes for the holiday season and avoid their love lives for two weeks. Since its been all about somethings gotta give i thought that nancy meyers follow up movie the holiday needed a closer look. The song kill the director by the wombats is about the holiday. The tuscan style mansion in san marino, california, was centrestage in the holiday as diaz s character, amanda woods, dumped her cheating boyfriends belongings to. How they built rosehill cottage for the holiday hooked.

While there, the elder man falls in love with the mom keaton. Godalming the setting for the local village store in the holiday. Iris winslet is in love with a man who is about to marry another woman. With kate winslet, cameron diaz, jude law, jack black. Grahams wonersh mill house in the movie the holiday. All the exterior scenes of amandas house in the movie were filmed at a real house in the small, affluent city of san marino, california. The property that acted as inspiration for cameron diaz s getaway in the 2006 film the holiday is on sale threebedroom period property honeysuckle cottage in. The holiday is a transatlantic romantic comedy starring cameron diaz, kate winslet, jude law and jack black.

Fans of the movie will recognize the homes kitchen, where diaz is featured cooking. Each woman finds romance with a local man jude law, jack black but realizes that the imminent return home may end the relationship. It is an indisputable fact that there is nothing as soothing to the cerebral cortex as a nancy meyers movie. With the holiday, director nancy meyers aspires to something more than your average chick flick. Twelve years after the romantic comedy the holiday hit theaters, and nearly a decade since i first wrote about it, the houses from that movie continue to be one of the most popular searches on my blog. Cameron diaz 39 jude law 36 jack black 28 eli wallach nancy meyers 12 rufus sewell 4 colin hanks 3 edward burns 3. Two women troubled with guyproblems swap homes in each others countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love. The holiday full movie download filmyzilla 480p online. Cameron diazs house from the holiday movie is on sale. Grahams charming mill house january, 2015 by susan 26 comments four years ago i shared a tour of the adorable english cottage featured in the movie, the holiday, starring cameron diaz, kate winslet, jude law and jack black. Two women who have never met and live 6000 miles apart, find themselves in the exact same place.

Proof that cameron diaz in the holiday is the bestdressed festive film. The southern mansion designed by wallace neff and featured in the 2006 film the holiday, starring cameron diaz and kate winslet, hit the market for. But graham and cameron diaz amanda are a whole otherimmoralstory. When she teams up with production designer jon hutman for a movie like this, you know theyre going to be good after all, this is the dream team that brought us the houses in somethings gotta give and its complicated, too last week when i told you the california house. The holiday movie cottage is up for sale in surrey honeysuckle. Revisiting the holiday is the holiday the best holiday. Cameron diazs best outfits in the holiday cosmopolitan.

The holiday 2006 going back for graham scene 1010 movieclips movieclips. Cameron diazs california house from the holiday is for. Nicholson, who suffers a heart attack at the house of his young girlfriends mother keaton. Cameron diaz fell in love with jude law at rosehill cottage in the film the holiday, which was inspired by honeysuckle cottage in surrey. Cameron diaz, kate winslet, jude law, jack black, eli wallach, edward burns, rufus sewell. If you watch the holiday every year to laugh, cry, and swoon over jude law in glasses youve likely also felt a pang of jealousy over cameron diaz s character, amandas, california home. A few miles away, godalming, also in surrey, provides the setting for the village shop at the end of cameron diaz s hair raising journey down winding country lanes. Cameron diaz is the only real genre veteran here, with kate winslet, jude law, and jack black all relatively new to the experience.

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